The Ultimate Turn Key Community Dinner New Patient Machine

”Consistently add 5-30 New Patient Referrals to your office month after month. Impacting your community and serving on a higher level. This new patient machine will give you everything you need to orchestrate your own community dinner program and help more people in your community.”

This million-dollar marketing program transforms your office into a referral practice

You will discover how to:

  • Schedule countless new patient prospects
  • Inspire Chiropractic practice members to refer friends and family
  • Select the naturally right restaurant location
  • Hire support staff to run the program
  • Reach your next level
  • Educate your community about Chiropractic
  • Reactivate inactive practice members
  • Increase practice member compliance with your recommendations
  • Ignite your passion to serve

This new patient strategy gives everything you need to launch, coordinate and grow your own community dinner program including finding the right restaurant, how to get your new and existing practice members to attend, creating the appropriate menu, as well as chiropractic assistant scripts and hiring procedures. Grab this extraordinary new patient tool and implement it right away to increase impact your community and uplift your practice today!

Get the Ultimate New Patient Dinner Program Now **One-Time Investment - $395**

This Complete HOW-TO Includes:

  • 1

    Quick start dinner workshop training that explains step by step how to set it up, pack the house, and get new patients to flock to your office

  • 2

    Live dinner workshops on video and audio so you can see how it’s done live

  • 3

    All the paperwork in Microsoft Word: marketing, scripts, flyers, tickets, call tracking, postcards, PowerPoint presentations, referral cards and so much more

  • 4

    Audio training with our chiropractic marketing assistant sharing how she does it all so you can train your team on how to make your dinner program a success including her telephone script for calling prospects.

Dr. Daniel Knowles, DC is one of America’s leading Chiropractic IMPACT strategists. His passion is to help Chiropractors to become more, serve more, and receive more while impacting their communities for the better. This has led him to start Lifetime Wellness Practice mentoring and training programs. His vision is for Chiropractors to inspire more people, to be on more chiropractic tables, more frequently, for more of their life… to receive chiropractic care as part of a LIFETIME of WELLNESS

That’s right, everything you need to get maximize your return on investment quickly is available for INSTANT viewing and download for just $300. That’s over 50% off of the fee that industry colleagues recommended this valuable tool be made available at when considering all this includes as well as what will be earned from all the materials. This is an exclusive limited time offer. When you think about how competitive the chiropractic marketplace is today… you’ll realize that you really can’t afford not to invest in this program. Take advantage now before the price increases… To greater practice growth and impact, Daniel Knowles, DC

Who is Daniel Knowles, D.C.

Dr. Danny is a 2nd generation chiropractor, alumni of Sherman College, team Network Spinal Analysis instructor, founder of Mile High Chiropractic weekend and Lifetime Wellness Practice, coach for Chiropractic Pure and Simple, frequent presenter at New Beginnings chiropractic philosophy weekends, dedicated husband and father.