Team Turnover

Some of you may have seen my post in social media about us having team turnover; with the team turnover of our whole team, we're still experiencing incredible growth.  I want to expand on that for our followers, and I also want to be real.  This forum of lifetime wellness practice is a place for me to share my lessons that I have learned and what has been taught to me so you can grow with them.  Please understand that one of the things you must look for in order to have a great team is that they need a driving force to grow.  When you have team members that have perceived that they're not growing anymore, it's a recipe for disaster.  In our office, we've been very blessed with great teams at times, and at other times not such great teams.  The times when we've have the not-so-great teams have provided a learning experience. Your practice is also providing a learning experience.  Whatever plateau you reach is because you haven't learned the lesson of that plateau.  We've now been blessed to have to learn this lesson multiple times, and I think I've got it and I'm sharing it so that you get it too.

Never be held hostage by a team member.  If you have a team member that is acting as if they run the show, as if they know everything, and as if you wouldn’t be able to function without them, it's a recipe for disaster.  The truth is, your patients are coming to see YOU and to receive CARE.  They’re seeking help; they’re not there to see your team. In reality, your team is there to support you in your vision, to help you reach your goal, and to help practice members find solutions.  If your members are having an experience in which they're growing in service and learning life lessons then your office is acting as a training center for them.  The result?  You will succeed and the members will feel successful.  Once they perceive a lack of growth you'll notice plateaus in your practice.  Don't let that happen.  Don’t let your team members throw on the brakes.  Maintain close leadership and management of your staff.  Help your staff grow and learn without micromanaging and bring overly controlling.  Your team should be your success system—the wind beneath your wings.  If they can do that, everybody wins.  A team experience should be a win-win-win scenario: A win for you, a win for the practice member, and a win for the team member who's growing and learning more as they're developing service skills in your office.

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