Sustainable Local SEO for Chiropractors (Hint: It’s not Back links)

Forgive the chiropractic SEO joke, but there are no backlinks to your Google dis-ease! If you’re new to SEO, backlinks are links from other websites to your practice’s website. If you’ve done this before, you know that the Google landscape is changing. It wasn’t that long ago that for every search term there were ten blue links of search results. Today, you see images, videos, authors, maps, and local businesses on search results pages to a growing number of types of results.

Most important to your practice are the maps and local business results. Here are some common questions and answers to those questions about Google local results.

When do local results get triggered?

Google will display local business results when a user searches for a business, service, or product though there are exceptions. The chances of Google displaying local results increases significantly when a user types in the name of a local city or town.

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How do chiropractors rank for those types of results?

Google uses a different set of factors to rank local results from organic results of individual web pages on a website. While Google’s algorithm is proprietary, marketers have spent a lot of time and effort to try to understand it and reverse engineer it. Experience dictates that these are the top five most important ranking factors for local business results:

1. Google+ Local page optimized for search

2. Your website including local information like your name, address, and phone number along with the overall authority of your website

3. Local directory citations to verify the accuracy and popularity of your Google+ listing

4. Link signs like the quality and quantity of sites linking to your business page

5. Reviews on your Google+ business page and other directories

Links to your site and to directory listings are among the top five, but for all but the most competitive markets for chiropractors, it’s more cost effective and effective in general to focus on the other major ranking factors first since you have more control over them.

How long will it take for local SEO to translate into more new patients?

The answer to this question depends upon how competitive local search terms are, how many people are searching for those terms, and how effective your Google+ page and website are at turning visitors into customers.

That said, there is low hanging fruit that can make a difference in your search engine exposure quickly like a verified, fully completed Google+ page. Creating a Google+ page, filling out all of the fields, and verifying your location by phone or postcard will make a difference in a matter of days.

With some research, time, and effort, you can implement most of the best practices related to local SEO for chiropractors. Our offering shortcuts the learning curve and systematically tackles the major local SEO ranking factors to get you sustainable results.

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