Stretch Yourself

You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.   Your family is with you your whole life and they are the people who are closest to you and who you love most.  Our families shape us, support us, and hopefully spend a lot of time with us.  In addition to spending time with our families, we also tend to spend much of our time with our friends.  Since we get to choose our own circle of friends we can literally decide who to spend our time with; thus, we need to choose wisely.  Quite often in life we end up choosing peers that think on the same level as us.  Unfortunately, if they’re at our same level of thinking it makes it harder to find new solutions in life. seo

Your friends and peers are often the people that make you feel safe because they think the same way as you. But consider for a moment how important it is to stretch yourself and find people that are doing things bigger than you.  Make a goal to create a new peer group for yourself.  Go to programs and events where people are doing the kind of things that you

want to achieve for yourself on a higher level.  And when you eventually find yourself in the company of those kinds of people, they’ll start to rub off on you.  The result:   You’ll start to think differently.  The bottom line is that thinking the same as you always have—and being with the kind of people that always agree with you—will not going to help you grow.  In order to reach new benchmarks you have to get some stretch marks.  And creating new peers creates new stretch marks. Become part of the Lifetime Wellness Practice Circle and get filled up with new thoughts in terms of how to grow your practice!


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