Search Engine Optimization: Where do I Start?

The Internet and mobile devices are here to stay—at least for the time that you and I are in practice—and finding you online is a key to your success.  This is not something that you can ignore and take lightly.  It really is the center of your marketing today; however, you have to know how to do it right.  There is a lot to it, and you really need to make sure you get professional help rather to try to do it all yourself.  If you do it yourself, you end up taking yourself away from your greatest gift, which is practicing chiropractic, putting your hands on people, explaining your values, and helping them heal.  The key steps in search engine optimization and reaching your community through the Internet are listed below.  In my years of working with this, this is from my experience the sequence of what you must do first.

1.  Citations:  Many people don’t even know what a citation is.  However, this is the first starting step in building your local presence online, and most doctors skip it completely and spend money elsewhere.  There are easily 25 to 100 citation services in your local area, and you need to have your office listed correctly on all those cites.  That is the foundation of your search engine optimization so that all those sites link with the correct information back to your website, and so that those also help your Google search.  Before you do anything else, get this done.  We have a service that does this; you can find it at

2.  Your Website:  Most chiropractors’ websites are incredibly out of date and they’re just a flyer.  Today’s websites need to have many more factors than that.  After you have your citations done, get your website done correctly.  Some keys to a good website these days: First is having a good offer or opt-in on the homepage.  Your purpose of your website is to collect leads into your e-mail database, and you have to have something on your homepage that people want to opt in for, and your newsletter is not one of them  are drowned in hundreds of e-mails a day, there’s no reason that they’re going to want to get tips from you anymore.  You want to have something that they can get right away that they’re willing to give you their email for.  Secondly, your website needs to have these following factors.  It needs to have a blog, it has to have articles that you update, videos that you put in, and all of those things have to be able to be shared via social media.  So that way people can absorb the information and then further advance your website by ‘liking’ and sharing your articles, videos, and blog posts.  If your website doesn’t have these features, talk to your web designer and get them added.


3.   Ad Words Pay-Per-Click Advertising:  Do not spend money on Google Ad Words until you have your website set up and all your citations. The next step to do is to hire someone that knows what they’re doing to organize and coordinate your Ad Words account. This Ad Words account is not an easy thing to set up, and you’ll do it wrong by having things like your ad show up across the country. Also, your Ad Words component that is a major win, which most people don’t realize is having ad retargeting.  Ad retargeting is where once someone has visited your website, that Google ad continues to show up in their searches. That way, they see your ad multiple times. They need to do that to be reminded about you. Seeing your website once is not going to convert them. The basics of Advertising 101 is that people see your message seven times before they actually buy from you. You’ve all had the experience of someone coming into your office where they’ve said they’ve heard about you for years from different people and they finally made it in. This is how the Internet will work for you.


4.  Search Engine Optimization on a Bigger Scale:  Search engine optimization is a big job, and it has to be done exactly right. After you’ve done your citations, your website and have Ad Words going, search engine optimization is easier.  A person who is an expert in that locally will be able to help you.  You’ll want to look for someone in your particular town or city who does search engine optimization, not just for chiropractors but for people in general in your local community. They will be able to help you maximize the art of making it easy for people to find you online.

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