The Only Local Listing Optimization Program Built Exclusively for Chiropractors

"97% of consumers use the internet when researching products and services. Local search engine optimization is a no brainer and a necessity for chiropractors."

- Dr. Daniel Knowles, DC, Lifetime Wellness Practice

Google’s local search algorithm looks at hundreds of factors to determine where you practice ranks for terms like “chiropractors near me” and “chiropractor in (insert your town name here).” A critical part of local search engine optimization are web directories. You need an optimized Google My Business page and other directories to rank well on Google Maps and on local listings on search engine results pages, but chances are you’re not showing up on all of the high authority directories that you could be and worse yet, you have inaccurate information on other directories. Google is looking for third party sources to validate the data that they have. When Google sees too few, or even worse, inaccurate contact information online, they can't be sure that what they know about your practice is true. If they can't trust the information they have, they won't show it to searchers. The Local Chiro SEO program solves this problem by correcting inaccurate listings and building high quality, relevant directory listings across the web. You also need an optimized website for an effective local SEO strategy. The Local Chiro SEO check major on page SEO boxes like meta data, location pages, schema, and page speed optimization. We also give you the tools that you need to solicit and manage reviews, another must have part of local SEO. In many markets, the Local Chiro SEO may be the only tool that you need to rank for the terms that you care most about, but we recommend that you blog, solicit backlinks from places where you make presentations, events that you sponsor, and so on to make it clear to Google that you are the authority in chiropractic care in the communities that you serve. We are your partner in local SEO success.

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Dr. Lori Krauss, DC

Local Chiro SEO has been an effortless and very affordable way for me to stay on top of my online focus to connect with folks looking for gentle care with profound benefits.

I have ranked very high in many citations making it easy for folks to find me. If I ever have a question, Ben Donahower and his team are extremely quick to answer and offer the suggestions I need.  I highly recommend Local Chiro SEO!!!

Dr. Lori Krauss, DC Network Chiropractic of Sedona

We are the chiropractic profession’s only local SEO optimization service of its kind. Not only are we knowledgeable in your industry but we do the local listing and technical SEO optimization work for you along with providing you the tools to generate consistent positive, local reviews generating social proof across the web. Instead of wasting resources trying to learn how to optimize your practice online, let us save you the time and money getting it done right the first time.

For as little as $179 a month, our team will...

Show Up in Search, Get More Clients... Here's How!

When you sign up for the Local Chiro SEO program, we get to know you and your practice. If you have specialties or a certain approach to chiropractic, let us know. Terms like 'network chiropractor,' 'pediatric chiropractor,' and more won't have the volume that 'chiropractor (town name)' will, but those specific queries get people to pick up the phone and call at a higher rate.

A new benefit of the Local Chiro SEO program are the technical and on page SEO features. We start with a local SEO audit to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your presence in local search. Then, we implement technical improvements optimizing your metadata and adding  schema. Does that sound like Greek to you? We found that chiropractors aren’t using these technologies and didn’t have the time to figure them out. Our done for you solution ensures that Google knows exactly what your web pages are about with metadata improvements and that we give Google the context it needs to understand what the words on your website mean whether it be a review, your address, or something else.

Once we know what to focus on, we get to work creating and / or optimizing your Google My Business page. We don't stop with amazing Google My Business pages, because that's only part of the puzzle.  We develop citations on high authority directories and also relevant health and wellness websites. One of the benefits of our program is that we build listings on relevant health and wellness directories that software-based programs just don't do.

When you join the Local Chiro SEO program, you also unlock a ton of tools and resources to improve your local SEO. We've got ebooks, whitepapers, and a steady stream of emails that will take your search engine optimization to the next level whether that's finding and managing your reviews on local directories or staying ahead of the latest local SEO trends.

Finally, each month we will send you reports and an analysis of the month's work. You'll know what worked and what didn't. You'll see in easy to read tables and charts the progress that you've made. We're completely transparent and focused on getting you results.

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It's About Growing Your Practice and Restoring Wellness to More Patients

There’s no getting around it… Local listing optimization takes a lot of time and effort. If you've moved, bought a practice, changed your phone number, etc. the task is exponentially more time consuming. Our Local Chiro SEO program takes this off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best, wellness.

Technical SEO is, well, technical. We have the expertise to ensure that your website is optimized for the keywords that you care about.

With your commitment to growing the authority of your website and being a part of the Local Chiro SEO program, you can drive the kind of qualified traffic that visits your website and takes action.

The benefits of this exclusive program don't end there!

  • Commitment to Chiropractic

    Chances are, you’re solicited all of the time by people who have never been adjusted or care about wellness. We’re different. This program is presented by Dr. Daniel Knowles, DC and the Lifetime Wellness Practice. Our team is led by Ben Donahower who is an experienced internet marketer and experiences the benefits of chiropractic with regular adjustments.

  • Grow Your Practice

    Our Local Chiro SEO packages are focused on getting your lead and patients. We may use tech wizardry and jargon-filled metrics, but we ultimately measure the success of our program by the lives we impact. Increasing your rankings and number of keywords your rank for, can make a real difference in the growth of your practice.

  • No Long-Term Contracts

    Unlike other services, the Local Chiro SEO program requires no longer term agreement. We recommend that most customers stay with us for at least 90 days before deciding whether this is right for you or not because it takes time to make progress in search, but you can cancel at any time and you won’t be billed past the month that you cancelled.

How Are We Different Than Other Services?

  • By starting with an audit, we take a holistic approach to your local SEO needs.
  • We use our industry knowledge to put you on chiropractic and other directories focused on wellness, which provide relevant signals to Google and have high conversion rates for new patients
  • We build citations by hand to avoid the mistakes that software-based services make
  • You get a dedicated account representative whose available to answer your questions.
  • The Local Chiro SEO dashboard provides done for you tools to get reviews and take your local SEO campaign to the next level
  • n addition to the time consuming work of managing directory listings, we ensure your website is optimized for local search.

P.S. Remember – no other service out there helps chiropractors like we do to create and optimize all of their local listings.  Get started with us today by investing in the option that’s right for you!