How to Gain Access to a System Designed to Help You Reorganize and Optimize Your Chiropractic Office in as Little as 7 Days

Are you concerned that your office isn’t creating the level of income you deserve?

Do you feel like you should have more practice members than you do or that more of your patients should be converting into lifetime practice members?

Do you want to impact more lives than you ever thought possible?

Imagine what would happen if you had access to:

  • - A system that can help you to convert new patients into lifetime practice members
  • - Community outreach materials and strategies you can use to attract new practice members
  • - Proven strategies that work so you can promote your business online and increase visibility in your community
  • - Time-tested scripting and dialogues that review results with perspective patients in a way to help you create a stronger doctor-patient relationship
  • - Numerous forms to assist you with patient intake and histories, education, and financial consultation needs that can be customized for your office
  • - Communication strategies for reassessments based on the spine, nerve system and function rather than symptoms
  • - Community outreach programs that work to help connect you with people who need your care and brings them directly to your office
  • - Audio and video training for your team members so they can become your outstanding chiropractic dream team
  • - The ability to plug your new hires into a system that cuts your training time by 75%
  • - Free updates to the program as they are rolled out

If you’re like most chiropractors, you didn’t learn the business side of chiropractic in school.  You don’t have time to reinvent the wheel or spend thousands of dollars and years of your time trying to be successful through trial and error.  Your focus shouldn’t be solely based on how much money your practice will bring in this year but over your entire lifetime.

So why not use a proven system that you can start using on day one?

One that’s full of communication strategies and procedures that work in our office today.  It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and you won’t see results overnight but when you and your team apply these strategies and techniques, you’ll find that it will work for your office too.  But if you’re not willing to put in the effort to make it work, I recommend you stop reading now.

If you’re an action taker, driven to make changes and have a burning desire to impact, change and to save more lives, then keep reading…

I’m a second generation chiropractor with five chiropractors in my family.  It’s been my life’s work to create and develop a system over the last 20 years that had dramatic and outstanding results and I know will help you too have the practice of your dreams.

It’s called the Lifetime Wellness Practice System.

You created your practice so that you could help people improve their health and live a better life. With this system, you can create a wellness-centered practice that not only helps you to reorganize your office but impact your community in the most meaningful way possible.

You created your practice so that you could help people improve their health and live a better life. With this system, you can create a wellness-centered practice that not only helps you to reorganize your office but impact your community in the most meaningful way possible.

I’ve designed the Lifetime Practice Wellness System so you can:

  • - Collect as much as $400,000 to $1 million in revenue every year
  • - Have a practice that is predominately direct pay with little to no insurance billing
  • - Take four weeks or more off every year so you can spend quality time with your family
  • - Work only Monday thru Thursday and enjoy three-day weekends
  • - Hire long-term happy team members
  • - Attract thousands of new patient prospects every month
  • - Save time with automated financial systems
  • - Enjoy up to an 80% or more practice member conversion rate

One thing you need to know is that this isn’t your typical training program.  It’s not just a few boring videos for you to watch at your leisure.  It’s a system that’s been over two years in the making and it includes 20 modules and over 60 hours of audio and video designed to help you improve your skills and knowledge while you grow your practice and help your patient members improve their health.

You can access the system from anywhere with an internet connection or you can watch or listen to it on your mobile device for additional convenience.  But remember, you should only order this system if you’re serious about making improvements to your practice.  It’s only for those who will work hard to implement the tools and strategies found within to utilize the system to their full advantage.

With the Lifetime Wellness Practice System, you’ll receive specialized training on:

  • - Advanced spinal scan and x-ray interpretation training
  • - Mastering practice member communication
  • - Office team training for initial new patient contact
  • - Office and patient flow optimization
  • - Comprehensive appointment calendar and schedule training
  • - Training for setting the stage for lifetime wellness care
  • - How to re-sign and convert practice members to lifetime wellness care
  • - Financial consultation guidance

My events, teleseminars and videos are known worldwide as a top resource for up-and-coming chiropractic practices…and these don’t disappoint!

I’ve mentored hundreds just like you and it is through this experience that I have built my reputation as a successful practitioner, businessman, communicator and leader in the health and wellness industry.

Now it’s your turn!

Our office is known worldwide for delivering clinically excellent care, outstanding communication and exceeding people expectation level service which we deliver every day.  The Lifetime Wellness Practice System is the best resource for up-and-coming practices as well as those that are established so they can reach new heights.

Regardless of how good you are and no matter how many skills you have, if you don’t know how to make it easy for practice members to pay, stay, and refer, you won’t reach the level of success you’ve always dreamed of.  It may be a harsh fact, but it is a reality.

The Lifetime Wellness Practice System provides you not only with stellar communication for you and your team for day one, day two, day three as well as re-assessments with a full spectrum of marketing, sales communication, strategies and knowledge to assist you with helping the people in your community.  Chiropractic is a business and practitioners have to come to terms that they’re not the only healthcare provider out there.

Simply put, they have to run a profitable business if they’re going to impact the world.  More importantly, they have to run their practice in a way that helps both the practice member and their office so it can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

To gain the knowledge you can have with this system, you would have to take courses in chiropractic as well as marketing, accounting, advertising, and consumer psychology.  Why spend the time and money to take them when you can have everything you need in one easy system?

The Lifetime Wellness Practice System is designed to improve your practice member volume and collections from the very beginning.  But this can only happen if you apply yourself and move forward so you can see better results this year and in the many years to come.  And for a limited time, it’s now available for an initial installment of:

Create Value for Your Practice Members Today

Think about how having access to such a vast amount of information can impact you and your practice members.  Using this system can help you become more so you can give more to your practice members, help you to serve more people, and it is my philosophy that when you serve on a bigger level you can receive more.

Not to mention the special limited time offer and bonuses that you won’t see again anywhere else.

If you’re truly ready to utilize a PROVEN in the trenches system to reorganize your practice and get paid what you’re worth…

Dr. Tyler P. Dr. Tyler P.

“Incredibly comprehensive from the point the patient walks in on day one to leaving on day two. This weekend intensive held so much value and has provided a solid foundation that months (6+ months at $500 / month) of coaching could not accomplish.”

Dr. Jeffrey P. Dr. Jeffrey P.

“I liked the way you tweaked information from your experiences and from other coaches and made improvements into the message so it would be easy to implement. Your willingness to share in your expertise and love of helping others with chiropractic shines through.”

You can experience better results, better relationships with your patient members and have a highly trained staff that operates at maximum efficiency for the ultimate patient experience.

Sabrina Caliendo Sabrina Caliendo

All is GREAT!! I have been open for two weeks and have closed two year plans and one 6 month plan after just one Doctor's Report! I've been using your DVD for the intro and used it for the Doctor's Report too and then used your outline with the 3 things you wanted to share plus added some X-ray slides before and after and cervical angles etc.

Brian D. Brian D.

If you want to learn the tools to develop a “Lifetime Wellness Practice” attend Dr. Knowles next seminar. I found the seminar full of ideas that are congruent with a philosophically based, low force technique chiropractic practice.

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