Greatest Internal Referral Tool

This is my top internal team and Dr. Communication tool.  One thing I have realized is that in chiropractic even though we are an inside out profession we still tend to look for the outside in magic genie marketing tactics.

We all want the single grand slam event that will bring in 500 people that will start and pay for care. My experience tells me that for the most part that doesn’t happen. It’s our loving, serving, communication in connection with our practice member’s day in and day out that really
makes a difference.

The trick is being held accountable.  It is very easy to just going to the office start your shift either as a CA or as the Dr. and then the whole day go by without communicating what you really want to
communicate. I’ve also been practice groups where they have tried to remedy this by having you memorize specific canned statements to repeat all day. At least that’s holding you accountable however is to structured even for me and it eliminates the flow of real heartfelt communication.

Your number one practice building tool is what’s in your heart and how you communicate that with your voice while you are in your office.  Think how many people you communicated with this week about referrals.  No really…

How many did you really communicate with in a heartfelt way in terms of the need for their loved ones not your need? How many did you share with about importance of doing something like getting their kids checked?

How about your front desk?  Did they just sit there and socialize? Or did they share real communication about the spine, the nerve system, healing your upcoming events?

They as well as you, have to be held accountable.  After all you are there to save lives you have an incredible mission and vision to help people discover their interconnection, transform their experience of their life, and awaken to the expansive divine healing capacity that they are. That doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design.

So the tool I created a simple, elegant, and easy to implement however probably only 30% of you will actually try to do it.

It’s very simple.

You can download the “Daily Attraction and Appreciation Tool” by registering as a free member.


•Each day in the morning before you open your office have a copy for your staff and for yourself.
•Pick 2-4 things that you want to focus on communicating during the day.
•Discuss them with your team at your huddle before the day starts.  And why they are important.
•Have your CA have that sheet next to them all day
•You have a copy by your workstation
•As you go through the day and to dictate about one of the things you selected) the name of the patient that you did this with
•Ask your staff do the same
•At the end of the day see how you each did
•No scripts just authentic heartfelt communication
•Praise reword and bonus your staff for the efforts they made
•have fun with it! Make it a contest however you do it… have it reflect you, your vision, your purpose and let your practice members know who you really are, why you care, and why they are important to you.

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