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One-on-One Coaching for Those Totally Committed

Dr. Daniel Knowles, D.C., the creator of Lifetime Wellness Practice, offers both Consulting and Mentoring services to chiropractors who are totally dedicated to reaching a new level of impact. This is a level of which most can only dream. He created Lifetime Wellness Practice in order to share his secrets, systems, tools and strategies for communicating, educating, serving, marketing and developing a chiropractic practice that is not only successful, but also generating and retaining practice members many times over what a typical, thriving practice is able to do.

Ultimately through his innovative program, he’s able to help you save and change lives while transforming your community. Read on to discover what you can do to make life better for everyone, including yourself.

Lifetime Wellness Practice

On every level, Lifetime Wellness Practice is your connection to personal and professional growth, individual and community service and ongoing success. You see we’ve mastered wellness practice growth through various internal and external conduits, including appreciation, attraction, education, and most of all service. additionally gateways such as professional management, community communications and multifaceted marketing venues.

We’ll teach you how to utilize the Internet and harness its power to ensure the financial growth and success of your practice. Our Gold Membership program offers chiropractors a powerful practice building system that enables them to connect across the Internet in various ways as they attract targeted traffic, convert more visitors and retain new patients at an extremely high rate. With our Gold Membership, you’re able to utilize all of the know-how, tools and services that Dr. Knowles, D.C. (Dr. Danny) has developed towards making your practice the most successful it can be. That’s the beauty and essence of being a Gold Member.

Along with offering the Gold Membership program through Lifetime Wellness Practice, which gives chiropractors the power to expand their practice and increase their profits, Dr. Danny also offers individual Coaching and Mentoring to those who are serious about accelerating the growth of their business and seeing their profits grow.

Consulting Versus Mentoring

Although Consulting and Mentoring are both valuable, they are quite different. Dr. Danny offers both types of services because there’s a specific need for both. Which do you require? Here are some basic differences to help you decide.


Consulting tends to be for a specified amount of time (30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours etc.) and focuses on specific issues or challenges related to the management, fiscal development and marketing of your practice. There may or may not be additional consultations in the future. Overall, consulting is seen as a short-term commitment .


Mentoring offers a long-term approach where Dr. Danny works with a practice over an extended period of time. Mentoring is highly individualized and involves nurturing, instruction and analysis that’s dedicated to creating a system whereby the chiropractor can continue to develop their marketing and business acumen. Monthly sessions, ongoing analysis and development and evaluation of short-range and long-range goal setting and planning are all a part of this process.


Consulting and Mentoring are in one way very similar. Both are focused on increasing the efficiency of your business, developing your pool of patients and accelerating your rate of retention. Both of these services are one-on-one and each is designed to address specific questions, challenges and problems in-depth.

Consulting and mentoring occurs over the phone and includes various premiums and features. Both are about ensuring your chiropractic marketing endeavors and other aspects of your practice work towards the ultimate goal being financially successful.

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure of which service best suits your needs, then please contact Dr. Danny. He’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you decide which will meet your needs. Contact Dr. Daniel Knowles now by clicking here.

Issues, Problems and Challenges

Here is a sampling of some of the areas that Consulting and Mentoring may cover, depending upon your needs and goals.

•Practice Member Communication

• Marketing

•Effective Internet Marketing

• Successful Practice Building

• Practice Member Outcome assessments

• Exploiting Social Media

• Stadium Packed Workshops

• Higher Patient Retention

• Converting Practice Members To Lifetime Wellness Care

• Blogging for Success

• Outcome Assessments

• Practice Definition

• Location and Access of Your Practice

• Financial Plans That Ably Serve The Practice Member And The Practice

• Efficient and Attractive Office Layout

• Billing and Appointment Procedures

• Offering Related Services

• Niche Building

• Product Development

• Patient Education

Please remember that there are many other areas and sub-areas for consideration and each practice is unique. The above categories serve as a basic overview of areas that are considered by Dr. Danny in both Consulting and Mentoring.

Take on the Challenge

Dr. Danny Knowles, D.C. Challenges You!

The question is, “Are you ready to take on the challenge?” What is that challenge? It’s making the commitment to help more people and transform and save more lives while teaching people to live their life in a new of paradigm of wellness from within. By doing this, you’ll create the most successful chiropractic practice you possibly can.

What’s required of you in order to do this?


• Commitment to being the best and to success

• Complete focus on your chiropractic enterprise

• Honest and thorough evaluation of your practice

• Focus on determining your needs and desires

• High level goal setting

• Desire to address issues with real solutions

• Focus on performing the tasks and work necessary to achieve goals

• Evaluation of your process, progress and results

• Definition of new goals

• Continued commitment to complete and total accomplishment

Why Are Requirements so High?

Whether you engage Dr. Danny as a consultant or mentor, the fact is all the insights, inside information and exclusive techniques you attain won’t be worth much at all unless you are completely focused on and committed to your success. Dr. Danny wants you to achieve your goals and engaging him is the first and most important step you can take.

When you decide to utilize Dr. Danny as a Consultant or Mentor you’re making a serious financial commitment by investing in his exclusive services, and he is also making a serious commitment to help you solve your problems and improve your practice in vast ways. He takes his task to heart and offers total dedication towards defining what you need to do and empowering you to act in a manner that will offer you amazing benefits and hugely productive results.

Thus, Dr. Danny has established a high standard for those who desire his services. It’s not about your chiropractic practice presently being the pinnacle of success; it is about you being motivated to make it the pinnacle success because that’s Dr. Danny Knowles’ focus, devotion and commitment.

If you’re ready to be the ultimate success read on and take action!

Consulting by Dr. Daniel Knowles, D.C.

Consulting sessions are designed to deal with specific challenges, problems and questions pertaining to your chiropractic practice. Although Lifetime Wellness Practice is primarily devoted to the marketing and building of your chiropractic practice, Dr. Danny is an expert in every aspect that defines and connects with a successful practice.

Although you define the topics, you are not alone in this process. They will be defined in consultation with Dr. Danny. In fact, you may think that you need to address one issue or another but after consideration and review by and with Dr. Knowles, D.C., you may discover that other issues or problems are key to your success.

There are no ongoing contracts for consulting services. You may opt for one or more sessions and may space sessions over time in any manner in which you’d like.

Consulting Includes:

• Complete evaluation of your practice

• Definition of your specific goals

• Identification of problems, challenges and issues

• 30-minute or 60-minute focused phone consultation

• Email report regarding your plan of action

• Defined post-consultation email support

To get started in securing Dr. Danny’s Consultation Services simply click here and you’ll be directed to the registration page. You’ll be on your way to realizing the chiropractic practice of your dreams as you utilize his expertise in marketing and practice building on an individual basis. Take action today!

Mentoring by Dr. Daniel Knowles, D.C.

Mentoring by Dr. Danny is a unique experience as he uses all of his knowledge, tools and techniques towards your success, focusing them on the ultimate development of your practice, including short-range and long-range goals. Mentoring is an ongoing process and along with being completely individualized it is highly selective. In other words, you must be ready to be mentored.

Along with the Requirements noted above for both Consulting and Mentoring, Dr. Danny’s Mentoring Services will ask that you commit to:

• Long range and short range goal setting

• Development of a comprehensive plan for the fiscal success of your practice

• A commitment to implementing the plan

• Ongoing mentoring with a focus on achieving results

• Re-evaluation and re-doubling of efforts where necessary

Why does Dr. Danny require all of those he mentors to make such a commitment? It has to do with his making a commitment to you. You see, he takes his obligation to mentor you with the utmost seriousness, and he sees your success as the paramount result of his endeavors. In other words, if he’s making the ultimate commitment to you, he expects you to do the same to the entire mentoring process.

Mentoring Includes:

• Complete evaluation of your practice

• Definition of your specific goals short-rang and long-range goals

• Identification of problems, challenges and issues

• Development of a comprehensive plan for the fiscal success of your practice

• Identification and definition of milestones

• Monthly or Bi-Monthly 30 -minute phone mentoring sessions

• Ongoing email support

• Monthly evaluation of your process, progress, statistics and results

• Mentoring services may be contracted for three, six, nine or 12 months.

Mentoring Fees:

To secure Dr. Danny’s Mentoring Services simply click here and you’ll be directed to the registration page. Get started towards engaging the expertise of one of the most knowledgeable and successful chiropractic practice building and marketing mentors in the world. Dr. Danny is waiting to work with those who are genuinely serious about success. Get started today!

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