Connect with your community

It is critical that you connect with your community through classes.  You’ve heard me say it time and time again:  Classes and workshops will help you establish yourself as a health and wellness expert in your community.  It’s also a huge part of your success and impact.

Autumn Suggestions

September is back-to-school time, so people will be preparing for back to school with school supplies, shopping, book buying, backpacks, as well as vaccinations.  This is a great time for you too.  Look to mom's groups, midwives, birthing classes and doula's to create relationships because often the parents that use those services think in alignment with you in terms of health and healing—especially if they're having a home birth and if they want to learn more about being able to make an informed choice on vaccinations.  This is a great time to set up a class together with someone in your area.  Do an Internet search looking for mom's groups and midwives, and make a few phone calls to see if they would like you to have a class on vaccinations with their clients.  You don't have to sell your services, you can give out cards and create connections.  When these people have babies, don't you want them to think of you first when they need a chiropractor?

Another way to do classes is to think of other experts in your area and invite them into your office.  They can do a class on a topic which will bring your practice members to a class on something like homeopathy (or some other part of health) and you're not even teaching a class; you're having someone in your office present it from the community.  Your practice members will perceive this as a huge value and as a gift to them.


Another great area is to host a movie night using the title of ‘chiropractic film doctor’ or something similar.  Use whatever creative ideas you have in order to create a sense of community and education in your office.  We like to call it ‘edutainment’.

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