Community Dinner Tips

Dinner workshops are booming for people.  This is my number one marketing program that I have done for years.  In fact, I almost think that it shouldn’t be called a marketing program, but really more an outreach connection program.  Your best source of new practice members are referrals.  Building in your basic spinal care class to be done at a restaurant where you buy people dinner is your best way for your practice members to bring their friends—on a neutral ground—to hear your story and to meet you.


You can easily find restaurants in your area that have a private room.  You’ll invest approximately $15 per plate in order to buy everybody dinner.  And I know it sounds a little fearful to go and spend a couple hundred dollars on dinner.  However, that investment into your practice members, and them getting to know you in your heart for service, is the best money you will ever invest.  There are so many ways that I see chiropractors spend thousands of dollars on advertising and to hope to get someone to come in that’s never met them before.  But when you share your heart for chiropractic and helping others and people get to know your authenticity first hand, it doesn’t matter what you say; it matters how you’re saying it.  And by letting people getting to know you and connect with you, they end up wanting you to take care of them and their loved ones.  Even if you don’t get a single new patient out of it, your five or ten practice members that are there (that you took out to dinner) will be ingratiated to you, schedule more visits for a longer period of time, and continue to refer people to you because they think you’re the best thing since sliced, white bread.  Just do it.

Key Tips on the Dinner Program

Find a restaurant with a private room.  Dinner needs to fall in the price range of $10-$20 per person.  Make sure the room can hold up to 50 people, because 30- or 40 is the sweet spot for the event.  Have it once a month in place of your in-office spinal care class.  Close your report of findings by saying that your policy in your office is that everybody attend your new patient orientation; you have this at a restaurant at your expense where they’ll learn better, be able to function better, feel better faster, get more care, and are welcome to bring guests to this dinner (also at your expense).  It’s part of how you build community and help invest in your practice members so they can get the most out of their care.  If you haven’t scheduled a community dinner yet, now’s the time!


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